What Are The Different Types of Dental Crowns?

If one of your teeth is damaged in an accident or because of a large cavity, your dentist might recommend getting a dental crown in Bismarck.

They are effective at restoring a tooth to its full look and function. However, did you know there are many different types of dental crowns available? 

Check out this short guide to learn everything you need to know about dental crowns!

What's a Dental Crown? 

A dental crown is a prosthetic cap designed to cover a damaged natural tooth. Dental crowns are made to match the patient’s tooth size, shape, and general appearance, often leading to a perfectly natural restoration.

Dental crowns are most often used as part of restorative dental treatments. Patients dealing with large infections often need a dental crown after getting a root canal, where the dentist removes a lot of bacteria and infected tissue. The amount of tooth left after the procedure is not enough to support the patient’s oral health.

But in some cases, dental crowns can be used for cosmetic purposes as well.

What to Expect When Getting a Crown? 

When getting a dental crown, you will likely go through the following steps:

  • Tooth prep - After the damaged tooth is treated, the dentist uses a drill to resize the tooth. Your natural tooth needs to be shaven down and resized for the dental crown to properly fit on top;
  • Dental impression - You’ll then bite down on a putty-like material, which will harden and take the shape of your bite. This impression is then sent to a lab, where your custom crown is designed from scratch;
  • Temporary crown - The dentist will provide you with a temporary crown, which you will wear for 1-2 weeks until your permanent one is ready;
  • Final fitting and cementing - When the crown is done, you’ll first come in for a fitting to ensure the crown perfectly suits you. In some cases, the crown may need minor modifications, but a lot of the time patients get the perfect fit on the first try. The crown is then permanently cemented on top of the natural tooth.

Types of Dental Crowns

There are a variety of dental crowns on the market today:

  • Ceramic - Offers a natural look, but is prone to chipping 
  • Porcelain Zirconia - Also natural looking and prone to chipping
  • Metal alloys - Very durable but don’t offer natural results
  • Porcelain and metal blends - Highly durable thanks to a metal frame, but the porcelain may chip
  • Gold alloy - Strong but costly, and doesn’t look natural, etc.

Which Dental Crown Is the Best?

The best dental crown is the kind that suits your needs. Bismarck dentist Dr. Carlson can help guide you through the process and make an informed decision that improves both your oral health and your smile’s appearance.

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