What's the Difference between Temporary and Permanent Dental Crowns?

When it comes to dental crowns, it's important to be aware of the differences between temporary and permanent crowns. Depending on your specific dental needs, you may need one or the other.

This article will address all your questions about temporary and permanent dental crowns and provide insight into what makes them unique. After reading this, you'll better understand the differences between these two types of crowns and which one you should get for your specific situation.

Why Is a Dental Crown Necessary?

Your Bismarck dentist may recommend dental crowns if you have a damaged or weakened tooth. This is because crowns, generally made of ceramic or porcelain, create a "cap" that fits over the existing tooth. The cap is secured to the root beneath the gum line, providing more strength and stability to the tooth.

Crowns can be used in a few scenarios to help protect teeth that have weakened due to trauma, decay, large fillings, discoloration, or cracks. Additionally, they are often used to complete a dental implant procedure or to complete a bridge placement.

 What Is a Temporary Crown?

When a person first visits to get dental crowns, the dentist will often use a temporary crown to protect the damaged tooth and hold it in place until the permanent crown is ready. It's also used after root canal therapy, so it can help repair the broken and decayed tooth from further damage while waiting for the permanent crown to be made.

Temporary crowns are meant to be removed and replaced with a permanent crown after being in your mouth for around two weeks. These temporary crowns are usually less expensive than permanent ones but aren't as durable, so you must be careful not to bite down too hard.

What Is a Permanent Crown?

A permanent dental crown is a custom-made restoration that lasts longer than temporary crowns. It's placed over the tooth and uses a high-grade metal or ceramic to replicate the shape and feel of your original tooth.

Permanent crowns provide more protection than temporary crowns. Since they're made with metal or ceramic, they're much stronger and can handle the everyday wear and tear that comes with chewing and biting. Permanent crowns are also more esthetically appealing, as they look and feel like natural teeth.

Where Can You Get a Crown Placed?

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