5 Signs You Should Visit the Dentist Immediately

Some dental needs will require immediate care from Bismarck dentist Dr. Carlson. Knowing the signs of a dental emergency can make all the difference in the world, as it can remove your discomfort and very well prevent complications like permanent tooth loss.

Check out the 5 telling signs that you may need emergency dental care. If you experience any of them, don’t hesitate to call us at (701) 255-0586 right away.

1. Your Tooth Is Cracked

A tooth crack puts you at immediate risk of permanent tooth loss. Sometimes, when a tooth is cracked, you can experience high levels of pain, but the absence of pain doesn’t always mean the tooth is fine.

Cracks can worsen as you continue to speak or chew your food, which applies more pressure to it. It can occur because you bite on something hard like a popcorn kernel, or it can even be a sign of a tooth infection that has weakened the tooth.

2. Your Tooth Falls out

With swift care, a fallen tooth may be successfully implemented into its socket, effectively preventing a loss. However, it’s important to move as quickly as possible, and store the tooth in an airtight container with milk to preserve it.

Teeth can fall as a result of a direct blow to the mouth, but they can also be a complication of other oral health conditions that require immediate care, such as gum disease. 

3. Your Tooth Feels Numb

If a tooth feels numb, it could be an indication of its nerves dying, which can mean you’ll need an emergency root canal. When decay is left unchecked, it allows bacteria to get inside the tooth and eat away at the pulp, eventually affecting the nerves. This can usually cause high levels of pain, which immediately goes away once the tooth “dies”.

4. You Feel Extreme Tooth Sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity is usually present when you expose it to heat or cold. If you notice a sharp pain in your tooth when eating foods like ice cream or hot soups, you may be dealing with an infection or even a crack.

Either way, heightened sensitivity is a definite sign you should see a dentist right away.

5. Your Gums Are Inflamed or Bleeding

If you notice that your gums look red and swollen, and maybe even bleed during brushing or flossing, you could be experiencing some of the first signs of gum disease.

It’s a very serious gum infection that can cause permanent damage to your oral health if left unresolved, such as retracted gums or even tooth loss.

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